STEM Talk with Ms. Amirah

STEM Talk with Ms. Amirah

STEM Talk with Ms. Amirah

Itqan Schools proudly present you our experienced and professional educator in the field of STEM, Ms. Amirah Binti Abdul Majid! She is currently teaching STEM subjects at Itqan Integrated School and is also the Head of Department for STEM.

Her Educational and Career Background

She graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) majoring in English Language studies. Prior to teaching at Itqan, she was a training specialist in World of Robotics Sdn. Bhd. for three years. Throughout her career, she was tasked to teach Robotics to both kindergarten and primary school students located in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. To help facilitate the development of students’ skills, especially critical thinking and problem-solving skills, she uses Lego blocks as a material aid for her students when conducting lessons.

Her Teaching Methodology for STEM Subject

At Itqan, she is determined and passionate about instilling the right knowledge and skills towards students by creating fun and entertaining projects that stimulate their minds and imagination. Unlike other classes, her students are not required to write or bring heavy textbooks to class, instead, she prepares all the materials required for the lesson in the STEM laboratory. Another rationale for this is that she wants her students to become familiar with real life situations which are simulated from the hands-on projects.

The emergence of Covid-19 is not an obstacle for Ms. Amirah, as she has prepared creative contingency plans to conduct successful lessons which are efficient for both students and Ms. Amirah herself. For instance, in one of her lessons, she asks students to use household items for their project-based lesson to reduce cost as well as energy that would otherwise be expended if they were to retrieve it elsewhere, outside of their homes.

However, for the upcoming semesters, she has prepared a robotics kit which will enhance the teaching and learning process online. With this kit, students will be able to learn about robotics more intensively and extensively, in accordance with their STEM syllabus.

The best learning experience is when students are able to discuss well in groups, brainstorm ideas and collaborate to think critically and solve problems. It is less about the grades, and more about how they are able to utilize their prior knowledge in solving problems. STEM is indeed an important part of the education system nowadays as more and more jobs are steering into that realm of knowledge and expertise. If you are looking for a well-informed and updated education provider, say no more. Enroll your child with us now at

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