STEM Talk with Mr. Azmeer!

STEM Talk with Mr. Azmeer!

STEM Talk with Mr. Azmeer!

Mathematics can be a difficult and dreadful subject for right-brain dominated students, as it requires logic, problem solving, analytical thinking and a lot of numbers involved! However, in this episode of STEM Talk, we bring you our Mathematics teacher – as well as the Head of Department for Mathematics, Mr. Azmeer – and he explains how Mathematics can be made fun and easy. You’d be surprised by how he conducts his classes and hear out his thoughts on how he teaches Mathematics.


Mr. Azmeer was born in Selangor in 1983, specifically at Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital.  He has four siblings and he’s the second in the family. All his family members essentially have teaching experience. He graduated from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Pahat in 2006 and holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering. He then dived into the teaching profession in February 2013 and this year would be his 8th year of teaching in Itqan Integrated School.

Teaching Experience

In 2014, Itqan adopted the Cambridge curriculum, whereby students in Grade 6 sit for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint. Students in Grade 9 sit for the Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint and Grade 11, for IGCSE, respectively. Specifically, for the Mathematics subject, Itqan uses two different books, Collins and Oxford, which are essentially for primary and secondary students. One of the things Mr. Azmeer noticed, is that the Cambridge curriculum focuses more on developing students’ skills and mental ability. He also prefers the Cambridge textbooks rather than Malaysian textbooks due to its emphasis on problem-solving skills rather than drilling exercises. The content seems to be more colourful and simple, and it is completely up to the teachers to be creative in their lesson delivery.

When it comes to content, Mr. Azmeer focuses on imparting knowledge that can be applied in daily life. For instance, instead of merely teaching the concept of addition and multiplication, he uses those formulations in the form of money so students are more confident to use money to buy things. In order to evaluate and assess the students’ performance, he uses the 5E model which stands for Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate.

According to Mr. Azmeer, to conduct a successful lesson, students should like the subject and the teacher. The progress of students is much more than the actual expectations as he believes different students progress differently in classrooms due to their varied learning styles.

Why Itqan?

To Mr. Azmeer, Itqan is unique for both the teachers and students. He likes the teaching at Itqan because of the Islamic environment it promotes. Strong relationships were also created between teachers, parents as well as the students. The integration of STEM and a Nabawi-centric approach to education is the key reason why he thinks Itqan is unique from any other schools out there. So, if you’re interested in enrolling your children with us, head over to our website and contact us NOW!

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