STEM is The New Black

STEM is The New Black

STEM is The New Black

STEM education has been the talk of the town! There is an increasing awareness on the essentials of robotics and artificial intelligence being assimilated into school curriculums. These are key drivers for the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) and educational institutions are gearing up with the necessary infrastructure and expertise to support this vision.

Itqan Schools shares this vision and sees STEM education as a critical tool to develop the minds of our youth, and in molding pragmatic Muslims equipped with the tools to contribute to this fast-growing economic sector. Research conducted by educational experts point to what can be done to increase student interest, of both genders, in STEM education.

According to Universiti Malaya STEM Centre head, Dr Mas Sahidayana Mohktar, the importance of creating a conducive environment for students to learn STEM subjects at their own pace, using up-to-date and entertaining teaching methods and STEM’s application in our daily lives are important facets of increasing student engagement.

On top of the many studies carried out, more students are expressing their love and passion for STEM, pointing out how it develops their mind to become more critical and analytical. They mentioned that homework and STEM-related activities and competitions have helped them understand subjects better.

STEM is getting more attention in this current era due to its significance and how it can help the nation move forward in terms of technological and economical advancements. It all starts from how we educate our students that truly determines the destiny of our nation.



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