An Exciting Open House for Parents to Get to Know Itqan!

First impressions matter - Say 'Hello' to Itqan this May and join our series of exciting activities suitable for parents and children of all ages!

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Open House Activities!

Nasheed Recitals:

Short Islamic Talks:

Why Itqan is Your Child’s Ideal School!

Our students love Itqan for their holistic curriculum of STEM and Nabawi-centric approach, friendly teachers, as well as a conducive environment for them to grow in. Learn more about our education system and explore our school at Itqan Open House coming soon!

Itqan provides your child the ideal balance of pursuing the best of both worlds; STEM-focused subjects like Math, Science, etc and Islam. Bridging it with the Islamic sciences, infusing students with the knowledge of the Oneness of God, the love of the Prophet ﷺ and appreciation of the rich heritage and traditions of Islam; we aim to develop your child into a well-grounded Muslim whilst staying competitive in the job market.

Our Testimonials!

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“If you want to learn something, and you want to be part of a community that respects you; that’s nice to you; that tells you what you need to be told; and you want to learn from the best; you should go to Itqan.”


“I feel happy because at Itqan, I have many friends, I like the teachers, and there’s also nice things and foods! We have a lot of time to play, and that’s what I like about Itqan.”


Why Our Students Love Itqan.

The most essential components of an ideal school are the environment and student development. Let’s hear what our students have to say about Itqan.

Established in 2007,

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From toddlers to teenagers, we cater to all students of different ages. Browse your preferred school to learn more.

Itqan Holistic School

Our Holistic school comprises primary and secondary levels. Select your child’s level and enrol today.

Some Important Notes About Us

Itqan Montessori Preschool

 From a young age, your child deserves proper guidance and the right form of education to grow. Enrol your child today in our Montessori-inspired school.

Some Important Notes About Us

Our School Memories

Every captured moment matters at Itqan Schools, and we’d like your child to be a part of the unforgettable experience.

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Let's Book a Seat for You and Your Child!