New Year, New Atmosphere!

New Year, New Atmosphere!

2021 marks a new beginning for many after the trials and tribulations faced previously. A new year resembles a new hope and a fresh start to all, especially for Itqan Integrated School after making a huge decision to relocate its education centre from Sungai Penchala to Kota Damansara.

From traditional to modern, the two-story building features a sleek design of dark-coloured walls and large floor to ceiling windows to create an industrial look fashioned for a timeless, contemporary religious atmosphere. The school is well-equipped with spacious classrooms, staffrooms, canteen, musolla, laboratories and more. On top of that, the building will be shared between Itqan and also SimplyIslam to synergize efforts in the continuous development of the educational platform for Muslims.

The process was initially laborious as they started moving in to Kota Damansara since 3rd January and finally settled in and will officially operate from 25th January onwards. The teachers and staff cooperated to clean the space, arrange furniture and facilities as well as creating a conducive learning space for students to learn at their own pace and comfort.

The Principal of Itqan Integrated School, Ustadh Muhammad Zakariyya Zainul Abidin said, “I’ve been in Itqan for 12 years, and I would love to see it expand in a better way, especially when it comes to the holistic development of the students and teachers as well as the improvement of facilities and accommodation.”

“The main goal is for our students to appreciate and gain beneficial knowledge useful for their lifetime. We hope that the basic fundamental knowledge we have imparted on our students would enhance their future for a better ummah.”

With its dynamic curriculum, educational experts and new ambiance, Itqan hopes to strive towards enhancing students’ holistic development who do not only excel in academics but also spiritual excellence.


For more information on our education system, visit our website at or call us at 03-77256160 or email us at [email protected].

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