Itqan Preschool Mini Graduation Day 2021

Itqan Preschool Mini Graduation Day 2021

Itqan Preschool Mini Graduation Day 2021

The 2021 intake has finally come to an end with a mini graduation for all our little Muslims to acknowledge their efforts and celebrate their victories of learning through play and becoming better students holistically.


The mini graduation celebration held by Itqan Montessori Preschool took place at Itqan Integrated School with an astoundingly fresh look. Colourful decorations were hung, a montage of beloved students was played on the projector, along with the harmonious songs of nasheed recitations and a wonderful performance of choral speaking and Asma’ul Husna performed by K2 students never failed to become the highlight of the programme.



Upon the arrival of parents of different backgrounds, the opening ceremony was officiated with a du’a recitation by Ustadh Taufik. The Itqan Montessori Preschool Principal, Puan Shahrean Irani gave a heart-felt welcoming speech to all parents and said “This is a momentous event for all our children, and we are here to applaud and acknowledge their development. It is also time to recognise the outstanding efforts made by parents and teachers,”


“Just looking around the smiling faces says so much about the Itqan environment in the school. Our children have learned so much. This school places great value on community, learning and fun. Alhamdulillah, I was proud of the way the children love coming to school and look forward to what they learn.” she further added.


The parents have something to say about Itqan Montessori Preschool as well. One of the parents, Encik Muhammad Shu’ib said, “We have sent our child to several schools, but none of them emphasised on the importance of spiritual development. We find that Itqan Montessori Preschool weighs heavily on spiritual education as well as English and the Arabic language.”


Another parent by the name of Puan Anisah also expressed her gratitude and happiness on her son’s graduation day, “Syafiq has learned a lot and I’m so proud of him. At the same time, he has completed one step of education so I’m feeling sad as he’ll be the oriignal bitcoin tumbler entering primary school soon to pursue his studies further. Itqan Preschool has benefited in a way that he speaks English quite fluently and reads well.”


Some of the preschool graduates will be continuing their primary education at Itqan Integrated School to further develop their spiritual and holistic development in all STEM subjects as well as Islamic Studies, InshaAllah.


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