Itqan Montessori Preschool

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Just like Itqan Integrated School, Itqan Montessori Preschool was established in the same year to provide a Montessori-inspired approach, safe and conducive learning environment, and building an appreciation of Islam and the Prophetic conduct among the children.

Our teachers are our front liners, determined to serve and develop the young children’s holistic wellbeing. 

The preschool caters to students from ages 4 to 6, focusing to instil positive Islamic values and love for Allah Almighty and His creations.

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Our Approach

A diagnostic approach towards the child’s total development and learning, be it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Our teachers set the groundwork for the students which promote ‘self-independence’ in doing the basic real-life activity such as cleaning up after using the material.

Where learning is through experience, participation and LOTS OF FUN! The student-centred approach, where teachers facilitate students to complete the task given.

Where the child is respected as an individual and encouraged to learn collectively through the spirit of brotherhood (ukhwah) and teamwork (Jemaah)



English, Arabic & Bahasa Melayu


Mathematics, Culture, Sensorial


Art & Craft, Water & Sand Play, Free Play


Islamic Studies, Tahfiz, Tilawah


Life skills, Adab & Akhlaq, Confidence

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