STEM-Focused Islamic School

Keeping up-to-date and remaining secure in the competitive market, the Itqan Schools are developed to be STEM-focused future-ready Islamic schools. 

While being an Islamic school with an emphasis on spirituality remains our main focus, the schools’ founders have also made academic pursuits an important part of its learning objectives. Indeed this would provide our students the ideal balance of pursuing the academic subjects like Math, Science, etc, and bridging it with the Islamic sciences, infusing our students with the knowledge of the Oneness of God, the love of the Prophet (ﷺ) and appreciation of the rich heritage and traditions of Islam.

Since 2020, the Itqan Schools have been reshaped as a STEM-focused Islamic school. The STEM-based specialisation harnesses the aptitude of our students in the respective fields of study whilst engaging the teaching pedagogies and tools to enhance the learning experience of teachers and students alike. Students at Itqan has a full-time STEM ‘champion’ who not only enhances the STEM facilities, education and accreditations but will also help empower students with an appreciation of STEM.

The Itqan Schools will be one of the few STEM-focused Islamic schools in Malaysia.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


Muslim scholars have developed a spectrum of discoveries and perspectives on science and technology for centuries. From the 8th to 15th century, scientists of medieval Muslim civilization like Ibn al-Haytham, Al-Biruni, Ibn Sina and hundreds of others contributed to important discoveries in science, mathematics, astronomy and medicine. The Quran encouraged the inquisitive and discovering mind as the Qur’an contains precise statements on scientific phenomena that were later confirmed by scientific research (e.g. embryo, solar system, creation of the universe, etc). Even in the contemporary times, many Muslim scientists have won the Nobel Prize for Science (e.g. Abdus Salam of Pakistan, Ahmed Zewail from Egypt, and Aziz Sancar from Turkey) and has made incredible discoveries in medicine, bioengineering (e.g. Jackie Yi-Ru Ying, Muslim nanotechnology scientist based in Singapore), etc.

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